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OSG’s practitioners are experienced pioneers. We create solid operating foundations in unfamiliar territories, opaque legal frameworks and hostile environments. We have worked in multi-fold commercial sectors, converted greenfield start-ups into financeable propositions and turned the visions of entrepreneurs, sponsors, donors and other stakeholders into reality. We are hands-on and used to ensuring the workability of long and fragile communications and logistics chains. We are practised at overcoming the traditional barriers of language, culture, operations quality and transparency, to create sustainable and socially beneficial outcomes. We maximise local management in all our projects, acting as a catalyst to converge local and international disciplines. We actively promote knowledge and skills transfer, which delivers off-balance sheet benefits to all concerned and tangible benefits to the communities in which we work.

We unearth commercial opportunities though a creative, dynamic, yet focused approach.  Our current project search criteria are:

Project / business characteristics:

  • Any sector, provided it would sit comfortably with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact.  Weighting is towards renewable energy, communications, service sector, infrastructure, exporting goods and services.
  • Existing commercial projects which are failing, typically for lack of target market penetration.
  • Start-ups, typically infrastructure, services, trading or governance, for which some pieces of the jigsaw are missing, whether related to management, trade partners or finance.
  • Projects for which Government approval is already obtained, or on the cusp of being so.  Projects must be able to survive changes of Government.

Financial strategy:

  • Potential to exit fully or partially within 5 years, be it to one of our partners, to management, to private equity, by trade sale or by flotation.
  • FOR CASHFLOW PROJECTS: attractive IRR target.
  • FOR MARKET PENETRATION PROJECTS: potential investors for at least 2 years post-start identified before commitment.

We welcome and respect introductions to potential projects and businesses at all stages of their development.

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