OSG provides full ‘concept to exit/handover’ services, establishing entities from scratch, from initial research & planning, through recruitment & launch, to ongoing management, development and exit or handover (including sector first-movers in frontier markets). More targeted services are also available, whether limited to initial reconnaissance and proof of concept, assistance with all or part of an existing operation, or any other aspect of creating or developing a business or not-for-profit entity in a difficult environment.

OSG can operate on a named, white-labelled or proxy basis, providing clients with the option for discreet reconnaissance in new markets and the ability to delay announcing market presence until there is substantial progress on the ground. If establishing a stand-alone, self-contained entity for a client, OSG will recruit integral management and personnel directly for the entity, to remain with it, with any OSG elements appropriately replaced well before handover.

As well as hands-on management, OSG provides operational audit, advisory and other non-executive services to new and existing commercial and not-for-profit entities. Whereas most services are, by necessity, provided in the field in the frontier economies concerned, OSG also provides links to relevant parties in the more formal arena of the developed world, combining ‘boots on the ground’ with ‘suits in the city’.

OSG has access to partners able to provide services in M&A, disposals, MBO/Is, IPOs, reverse mergers, public to private transactions, valuations, risk management, crisis preparedness and crisis management, emerging economy insurance and trade finance.

Executive Services

Research, Assessment & Proof of Concept Studies

Assessment of opportunities and risks in relation to potential start-ups, including market analyses and overviews of relevant aspects of local economies, cultures and jurisdictions, and provision of proof of concept studies.


Solutions to identified obstacles, assessment of appropriate business variations for local adaptation and identification of useful local resources.

Operational Planning

Detailed, comprehensive business plans for start-up businesses (including first-movers) or not-for-profit entities, or for the development of existing operations.

Financial Planning

Detailed financial projection models, with extensive ongoing flexibility built in to accommodate broad changes in products, pricing, target markets, employees, facilities, operational procedures and legal requirements, as tools for ongoing planning and for use in maintaining strong financial control.

Structuring, Negotiation & Contracting

Sourcing of local professionals, establishment of appropriate corporate structures, management level negotiation of key contracts, agreements and leases, and creation of legal document suites for HR, supply, sales and operations.

Standard Operating Procedures

Creation and ongoing development of comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures, with inbuilt flexibility, to guide, coordinate and optimise internal systems and operations to international client standards and to independent certification status (e.g. ISO, DNV).

Branding, Marketing & Sales

Oversight of brand creation, marketing suite development, ongoing marketing and sales.

Recruitment & Ongoing Management

Assessment of international and local management and staffing requirements, followed by sourcing and recruitment, then ongoing multi-cultural team-building and overall business management.

Business Development

Ongoing development to achieve or maintain strong market share, including maintaining market leadership for first-movers as competitors start to arrive in the sector.

Non-executive Services


Provision of objective board level advice and guidance, as non-executive director/trustee/advisor.


Strategic reviews, analysis and expansion planning for existing businesses, projects and charities.


Assessment of overall and detailed requirements of start-up businesses, projects and charities.


Oversight of corporate governance, company secretarial and share structure issues.


Introduction of new business opportunities, suppliers and strategic partners.

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