Somaliland Artisanal Fisheries Training, Infrastructure & Development

SAFTID (Somaliland Artisanal Fisheries Training, Infrastructure & Development) is a not-for-profit programme for economic development in Somaliland’s coastal areas. Its purpose is to create jobs and build skills bases amongst Somaliland’s artisanal fishing communities, along with raising seafood product quality and supporting conservation. Administrative costs and management support are provided by OSG Companies as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility Programme.
SAFTID is involved primarily in training and education.

Its key function is to help local fishing communities to achieve the following:

  • Extend species range caught (amongst other things, balancing personal incomes throughout the year, regardless of species seasons).
  • Increase overall catch volumes.
  • Improve product handling and quality.
  • Understand basic conservation and sustainability.
  • Improve health and safety levels.
  • Improve commercial organisation.

The overall goal of SAFTID is to help local communities by improving the profitability, safety and natural sustainability of their fishing activities.

This is achieved through a combination of local courses delivered by experts provided by OSG companies (which include both fisheries and business education arms), in collaboration with the Berbera Maritime & Fisheries Academy and in cooperation with NGO entities.

In all cases, SAFTID seeks to avoid ‘helping’ in a way that undermines the commercial viability of how those concerned earn their livings. It endeavours not to create false markets through subsidy and any ‘capital asset gifting’ is considered extremely carefully to determine whether it is justified as a seminal one-off catalyst for future sustainability.

For further information on SAFTID please contact:

William Oswald, Director
T: +44 (0)1547 540000
F: +44 (0)1547 540001
M: +44 (0)7786 628293 (UK)
M: +252 (0)63 662 5863 (Somaliland)